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Presentation Tips


One of the simplest ways to ensure a quick and successful sale is to present your property in the appropriate way for your target market. Buying property is an emotional decision and presenting your property in a way that inspires prospective purchasers will ensure you maximise your sale, here are some basic tips for getting the most out of your property.




Why Presentation Matters


If you are selling a $500,000 townhouse in Carlingford there are a set number of people at any given time looking for such a property. Only a small fraction of these people will read the details of it on an internet or print advertisement and an even smaller fraction will take the time to inspect your property. No matter how perfect your property is for a purchaser they will not buy it if they do not visit it.


Many purchasers will drive past a property and make a decision without ever stepping inside, similarly purchasers browsing photos on the internet will make a snap decision about whether it looks good enough to spend valuable time viewing. The first reason you need to present your property appropriately is to get buyers through the door and to start creating competition.


The second reason that presentation matters is that the aesthetics of a property are what conjure an emotional response from buyers and this is what maximises your sale price. Many sellers believe that buyers will be able to see past ‘minor’ flaws to uncover the true value of a property. In our experience this is not the case, the smallest things can ruin the overall impression of a property. Remember buying a property is not a rational process, impressions count.




Repairs & Improvements


If you’ve been living in your property for a long time it’s likely that you’re oblivious to all the little faults that buyers will typically pick up on. Try to take a completely objective point of view and list all the little faults and repairs that need to be rectified, even if they seem inconsequential. Often it is useful to enlist the help of someone who doesn’t live in the property such the agent or even friends, provided they’re willing to be completely honest with you.



Once you have identified any issues for repair it may also be worth considering improvements that will increase the potential sale price and facilitate an expedient sale. Often simple and relatively inexpensive cosmetic changes can greatly improve the presentation. Some things to consider are; painting (including outdated or damaged wood panels), new carpet, tiles or floorboards (or polishing existing boards), changing light fittings, cupboard handles, backsplash, tapware or vanities. Every property is different and it is best to get the advice of the agent on your particular situation.




Dressing the Property


Many sellers make the mistake that only the inclusions and fixtures of a property matter to the purchasers, after all the furniture and possessions move out with the owners. Unfortunately this simply isn’t the case, your possessions can positively or negatively impact the way buyers see your property.


The first and often the most important step in dressing your property for presenting to the public is to declutter. The less unnecessary items you have in your property the better. Ideally if it doesn’t serve a purpose in the room it should be removed. It may seem like removing collectables and family photos will make your home seem sterile and impersonal, however the reality is that without them your home will look tidy and presentable.


The right furniture will help to stylize your home in a way that will appeal to your target purchasers. Many homes have accumulated furniture over the years resulting in cluttered and mismatched furnishings. An important concept to remember is how purchasers view properties; they walk around the house and often stand at the doorway to view each room. The furniture in your property should be used in a consistent style throughout in order to tie the home together. Additionally, each room should be furnished in a way to showcase a sense of space and openness that makes the room inviting.


There is no doubt that living in a property while trying to maintain a high level of presentation is challenging, but the results are usually worth the effort. Storing all the unnecessary items you want to keep during the sales process will maximise your space at home and make this process more manageable.



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